Digital Transformation

The only future of the business is Digital.

Want to become digital? Do not know where to start?

We help you to evaluate your need and build the advanced digital roadmap. We support and advice during implementation of your roadmap. We are your trusted partner in your Digital Transformation journey.

Digital Readiness Evaluation

We analyze the situation and processes in your company and evaluate actual state from the Digital point of view. We generate and test ideas of digitization for your business.


This stage consists of:

  • initial introductory meeting defining the build view on your expectations and scope of work

  • series of focused meetings called to understand details and specifics of different parts and processes of the business (count depends on the size and specifics of your business)

  • analysis, we take time to analyze and process collected details

  • demo of the results


The outcome of this service is a document containing findings and conclusions as well as list of ideas and recommendations towards the digital future of your business.

Digital Roadmap Definition

Based on results of Evaluation or details received from you we analyze and build the Digital Roadmap defining set of requirements and projects called to transform your business.

The stage consists of:

  • analysis stage consisting of the details collection an set of meetings called to understand the specifics of the task.(Results of Evaluation reused)

  • iteration 0 roadmap preparation.and presentation.

  • depending on your feedback for Iteration 0 we can define Iteration 1, 2...n until the roadmap is 100% acceptable for you

  • preliminary budget estimation for the Roadmap

The outcome of this service is a document containing detailed Digital Roadmap containing set of projects, recommendations, dependency and high level budget estimate.

Digital Roadmap Implementation

Having your Digital Roadmap or individual project defined by you we follow up and help to implement your projects.


We can help with:

  • measurable project hypothesis definition.

  • technology platform or solution definition, solution architecture

  • evaluation and selection of the Implementation partner, cooperation setup(see our complementary Outsourcing service)

  • setting up of your own Engineering team and building the Engineering practices and approaches (see our Engineering  service)

  • training, coaching for your staff

  • project results evaluation, hypothesis verification. Digital Roadmap review.

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