IT Outsourcing

There are no bad tools. There are unprepared artisans.

Hard to recruit IT staff? Limited budget? Interested in outsourcing? Do not know where to start? Bad experience from the past?

We consult you with the selection of the outsourcing partner, setup cooperation and practices to make your outsourcing experience a success story.

Outsourcing Readiness Evaluation

Outsourcing requires preparation in your company and adaptation of some internal processes and structure. We analyze your situation and suggest the preparations needed.

There are several models of working with outsourcing partner.  We suggest the model matching you situation and needs.

The outcome of this service is a document containing our findings and vision about readiness for outsourcing in your company as well our suggestion for best matching cooperation model and implementation roadmap.

Outsourcing Partner Selection

A lot depends on the outsourcing partner. We help to select best partner matching your needs from our network or based on your list or preference.

We help to:

  • define right questions for Request for Information

  • evaluate Proposals and select best matching candidates

  • advice during contract negotiation process

Outsourcing Cooperation Setup

To achieve success in outsourcing you cannot just sign and forget. To achieve success the partnership has to be setup and built and maintained.


We follow you cooperation with the outsourcing partner and will consult and suggest both sides to ensure cooperation is successful.

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