Software Engineering Management

Just having team of engineers is not enough.

Decided to setup in-house software engineering ? Do not know where to start? Something does not work in your current software engineering process?

With more than 20 years in software engineering and number of successful engineering missions we understand the value and nuances of proper software engineering process and practices.

Engineering Team

We have been building software engineering teams for more than 10 years. We know how to select and retain best technology experts for your business.

  • we analyze situation and processes in your company and evaluate actual state

  • we define size and structure of your Engineering Team.

  • we help you to define Engineering culture

  • we define role descriptions for your team

  • we help to setup the recruitment approach

  • we advise on recruitment partner selection based on our network or your preference (see our complementary Ousourcing service)

Engineering Methodology

We will help to define an optimal and effective software engineering process for your company.

We help to:

  • define and apply best matching software engineering methodology

  • define best technology platform and stack matching your needs

  • define solution architecture

  • setup agile methodology and practice

  • selection and setup of the engineering tools and environment

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