Startup Services

Everyone has ideas. Only some know how to implement them.

Want to implement your next unicorn technology idea? Need technical co-founder? No engineering experience?

With the list of successful startups consulted we understand the technical needs and challenges of early stages. We play as an Interim CTO and define your Product Roadmap and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and help you setup the technology around your idea.

Product Roadmap

We help you to define the technology roadmap for your product or service following lean approaches and focusing deeply on bringing maximum value for your clients.

  • we analyze the scope and values of your idea from technical point of view

  • we define the implementation strategy

  • we define set of phases and releases

  • we define the budget and release dates estimates

Minimum Viable Product

We define ad implement the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) together with you.

  • we define the scope of MVP

  • we define the technology platform

  • we design the initial technical architecture

  • we setup the engineering team

  • we follow the implementation until MVP release

  • see our complementary Outsourcing and Software Engineering Management services

Interim CTO

We play as a CTO for your venture until you decide about your technical co-founder or have enough funds to hire full time CTO.

  • we work on your technology roadmap

  • we define software and infrastructure strategy

  • we define size and type of your engineering team

  • we define engineering culture

  • we recruit your engineering team (including full time CTO)

  • we select implementation partners

  • see our complementary Outsourcing and Software Engineering Management services)

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