Our Services

Digital Transformation

Want to go digital? Do not know where to start?

We help you to evaluate your need and build the advanced digital roadmap. We will support and advice during implementation of your roadmap. We will be your trusted partner in your Digital Transformation journey.

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Startup Services

Want to implement your next unicorn technology idea? Need technical co-founder? No engineering experience?

With the list of successful startups consulted we understand the technical needs and challenges of early stages. We play as an Interim CTO and define your Product Roadmap and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and help you setup the technology around your idea.

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Software Engineering Management

Decided to setup in-house software engineering ? Do not know where to start? Something does not work in your current software engineering process?

With more than 20 years in software engineering and number of successful engineering missions we understand the value and nuances of proper software engineering process and practices.


We will help to build an optimal and effective software engineering process for your company. See more details here.


Hard to recruit IT staff? Limited budget? Interested in outsourcing? Do not know where to start? Bad experience from the past?

We will consult you with the selection of the outsourcing partner, setup cooperation and practices to make your outsourcing experience a success story.

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